A Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program’s goal is to trap, vet, and spay/neuter ALL members of a colony. Ultimately this is how a caregiver can stabilize the colony’s numbers and turn a feral cat colony into a managed colony, whose members can live safe, healthy, sterile lives without the dangers and hardship of constant breeding.

All cats that go through a TNR program receive a rabies shot and are checked for ear mites and if found they are treated. In some instances, the cats also receive flea treatment and deworming.

Clarion PAWS has established an active TNR program, with an area of service limited to colonies of feral and/or stray cats in Clarion, Forest and Jefferson counties. We ask our feral/stray cat caregivers to share in the cost of spaying or neutering the cats they are feeding by paying all or a portion of the discounted spay/neuter cost. For more information, email or call 814-229-1231 and leave a message.

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