The Classifieds offer FREE private party ads for Lost Pets, Found Pets, Pets Wanted, Adoptable Pets, as well as pet-related services wanted, or services offered—such as pet sitter, foster caregiver, boarding, grooming, training, etc.  Ads offering or requesting free pet equipment or supplies are also allowed.  Ads offering adoptable pets are available to people who have taken in a stray and wish to find it a home, and to people who wish to place their own pet in a new home.  Please note that all postings will be reviewed before appearing on the website.

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Send your ad to You may include one picture in jpeg format. Your ad will be posted as soon as it can be reviewed. Our reviewers are volunteers with other obligations, so please be patient. We will do out best to get your ad posted timely.

Legal Notice

Clarion PAWS provides ONLY the space for pet related classified ads.  We are not involved in the actual transaction between parties. Clarion PAWS neither warrants nor guarantees any information listed on our classified ad pages.

All ads will be posted for at least 14 days before being removed to make room for other ads.  If your ad is on the website and it needs to be removed for any reason any time just let us know at .  If you wish to re-post after your ad has been removed send another email to .    Should you feel that an ad on our Classified Pages may be a “scam” or suspicious, please let us know and we will take appropriate action.

Please review the following guidelines before placing your classified ad:

The classifieds are NOT available to shelters or rescue organizations. Animal shelters and placement groups should apply for a free site where pets can be posted with photos in the searchable database. An organization does not need to be 501(c) 3 or have a facility to join.

Because Clarion PAWS was created with the goal of finding a home for every adoptable pet, no “pets for sale” ads are permitted.  We also will not run “free pet” ads.  “Free pet” ads attract unscrupulous people who collect free pets and then sell them to laboratories or use them to train fighting dogs or subject the animals to severe acts of cruelty.  We urge all who offer pets for adoption to charge a small adoption fee, not to make a profit but to discourage free pet collectors.  We also urge the use of adoption agreements.  For help with adoption forms go to or

Ads that appear to be selling animals for profit, such as when fees seem excessive, will not be posted.   Ads should not be submitted by children and will not knowingly be posted.  Ads selling or soliciting merchandise are not permitted.  Ads offering or requesting free pet equipment or supplies are allowed.  Ads of personal or political opinion are not permitted.  Ads which are offensive or not in line with the mission and intent of Clarion PAWS will not be approved for posting.   Repeat offenders of inappropriate ads will be blocked from posting anything.

As with all classifieds on the internet, there may be some fraudulent responses and/or unsolicited e-mails received; therefore posters should keep this in mind and screen response emails carefully.  There is nothing that can be done to completely prevent these types of responses. You may want to consider creating a separate e-mail account for the purpose of responses to your ad.

Direct any questions or concerns to .

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